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2019 Traeger WiFIRE Pellet Grills | The Original Reinvented.

TThe next generation of Traeger’s wood pellet grills have arrived, delivering a brand-new world of flavor. The industry standard is making the best even better. The Original Reinvented. Simply put, Traeger Wood Fired Grills simplifies smoking.

Our Pro model is the best-selling wood pellet grill ever made and gives you the ability to infuse complex smoked flavors with ease. The Ironwood consistently produces more blue smoke thanks in part to Traeger’s Smoke Science technology. Our integrated Downdraft Exhaust® System optimizes the circulation within the grill and works in tandem with the new D2® Direct Drive drivetrain’s variable speed auger and fan to keep your temperature more stable than any other wood pellet grill. Not all smoke is created equally, just like not all wood pellet grills are. This is where the Traeger Timberline rises above the rest of the competition. We’ve expanded our WiFIRE® technology to help make it easier to create culinary classics. The WiFIRE® controller uses your wi-fi network to connect the grill to the Traeger App on your smartphone. Once this is synchronized, you have the ability to kick up the smoke, set custom cook cycles, and change, hold or set temperatures from 165°F to 500°F anytime from anywhere.

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