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2013 CaseIH Agriculture 9230 Combine

  • Hour Meter: 546 SEP HOURS
  • HC Unload 40' Hdrs
  • Axle HD Planetary w/ DiffLock
  • 372 Antenna Receiver WAAS
  • AutoGuidance NavII
  • Cross Auger Control
  • Distance Lights
  • Engine Air Compressor
  • Fdr Hse Hvy Lateral Tilt
  • Grain Tank Cover Hydraulic
  • Lighting HID (6)
  • In Cab Adj. Pivoting Spout
  • In Cab Spread Control
  • Seat Leather
  • Luxury Cab
  • Chopper MagnaCut Deluxe
  • Rotor Rice
  • Rotor Extended Wear Small Tube
  • Tires - Front Duals
  • Tires 750/65R26
  • Base Equipment
  • *Standard Equipment 425200
  • *HD lateral header tilt w/trap~heavy-lift package lateral header tilt control with auto levelfunction. Includes 90 mm lift cylinders, reinforced feeder facestructure. Recommended for 40 ft. and larger headers.7230 requires HD propulsion package 722775, 772776,or 425215.For 8230 and 9230: required for 16 and 18 row corn heads.
  • *Standard wear
  • *Extd. wear rotor, small tube~includes chrome alloy rasp bars throughout.Recommended for small grains with tough long straw.Can also be used in tough green stem soybeans andedible beans. Includes ST rotor with 32 smooth rasp barsand 8 spiked rasp bars in separating area.
  • *Sm wire, 3/16 in.-heat treated~for small grain
  • *Lg wire, 1/4 in. dia.~for small grains and small seed crops to limit crop material oncleaning system
  • *1-1/8 in.adjustable,closz slat~with 1-1/8 in. adjustable, grain slat pre-sieve
  • *1-1/8 in. grain slat -Elec~1-1/8 in. adjustable, grain slat
  • *Extd. wear 2-speed elevator~Extended wear 2-speed for high volume and/or abrasive crops.Includes wear resistant inclined delivery auger/housing,clean grain cross auger/housing and stainless steel elevator.
  • *HC Unld grain tank w/hyd cover~In cab hydraulic folding grain tank cover control forhigh capacity unload system.
  • *HC unload ext fold 40 ft. hdrs~Folding unload auger extended wear for up to 40 ft. heads.Unload length from center of machine - 28 ft. 9 in.
  • *Pivoting unld spout in-cab adj~Electrically controlled pivoting unload spout
  • *Electronic control module~Required for folding unload auger, pivoting spout anddeluxe chopper.
  • *MagnaCut fine cut chopper~40 blade chopper with windrow door, adj. discharge deflectorand windrow chute. Recommended for tough straw conditionsor where fine cut residue is required.
  • *Std spread w/InCab spread ctrl~Std spreader w/ factory fit in-cab adjust of mass distribution
  • *Windrow chute~For windrowing straw For use with Standard spreader
  • *Luxury_cab~All Deluxe Cab Features with the addition of heated-electricremote mirrors, leather wrapped steering wheel, threestorage bins behind operator's seat, five storage shelvesLH/RH "B-Posts," portable refrigerator, LH/rear windowshades, Pro 700 slide rail w/cup holder and smart phone cradle.
  • *Leather operator seat~Heated, red leather, operator seat, red leather instructor seat
  • *AM/FM/WB/Bluetooth radio~4 speaker system with 3.5mm aux. input and Bluetooth capableradio with mic.
  • *HID stadium lighting~Halogen and 2 HID lights
  • *Variable motor HD plan w/diff~Planetary final drive with 140 cc variable displacement motor,125 cc pump
  • *620/70R42 LI166 A8 R1W-Duals~Goodyear, Firestone and Michelin
  • *Axle extensions-10.4 in. 265mm~for propulsion system.For use with 520 and 620 duals set on 30 in. rows.Not compatible with tracks option.
  • *HD Adjustable steer axle~120 in. to 144 in. tread setting
  • *750/65R26 166A8 R1W~Replaced 28L-26 R1Goodyear, Firestone and Michelin
  • *Firestone
  • *372 Antenna receiver - WAAS~Factory Installed Auto Guidance Precision FarmingIncludes: Antenna / 372 Receiver WAAS for yield mapping.
  • *AutoGuidance Nav II controller~Requires Autoguidance Ready
  • *Desktop software for PC~AFS Desktop Software - includes 1- year service agreement.Required to analyze yield data for either yield mapping ordata logging.
  • *Engine block heater~Cold start package (block heater)
  • *Engine air compressor~7 cfm @ 1,000 RPM/14 cfm @ 2,000 RPM with 16 gallonpressure tank, 4 outlet points located around the combineand a 20 ft. air hose
  • *English Manual
  • *AutoGuidance manual - English~Auto Guidance operator manual - English
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Product Information
Price: 349,000.00 CAD Type: 2013
Status: Used STOCK NUMBER: CB0930
Year: 2013 LOCATION:
Make: CaseIH Agriculture SERIAL NUMBER: YDG220930