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2018 New Holland CR10.90E Combine

  • Hour Meter: 104 HOURS
  • Rotor Twin Pitch HP~Twin Pitch Plus rotors (TP+) Small grain / corn bean limited number spiked rasp bars in separation area, 2x1 finger style grates + 2x2 bar/wire separator grates
  • 14.93/1 Plan, DL, Var Hyd~Planetary final drive wide traction axle, difflock, variable hydrostat, max road speed 40kph/25mph. Increased hill climbing and fuel economy
  • HD Adjustable Rear AGR~IntelliSteer ready adjustable axle
  • TW IF580/85R42-CFO-1~Alliance, Increased Flexion tire with ability to run at reducedinflation pressures. Dual
  • SW750/65 R26 166A8~Mitas SFTFor adjustable rear axleDue to overall width, steering axle will be adjusted in a narrowposition for transport. Axle will need to be adjusted out at PDI.
  • Platform Extension 610mm FI~Cab platform extension 24 ins (610 mm) for duals
  • Axle Ext. 10.4" 265mm - Planet~Axle extensions for planetary final drive. For usewith duals set on 30 in. rows. Field Installed
  • Dual Wheel Mount~Required in combination with duals
  • Bluetooth radio with external mic, USB port, 3.5 AUX on the radio,hands-free calling and IPOD play over bluetooth, 4 speakers
  • Leather Operator Seat~Air suspended leather trimmed operator seatwith heating and cooling.Leather trimmed instructor seat
  • Camera~One camera on strawhood plus wiring, with view integratedin IntelliView monitor; connected beneath cab
  • Sunvisor Pack~Rear, LH and RH sun visors. Front sun visor standard.
  • 90mm/3.6" Lift Cylinders DFR~Required with DFR feeder for 40ft and wider draper heads, 12 rowfolding and 16 row corn heads
  • Remote Hyd Front Face Adjust w/DFR~Feeder with Dynamic Feed Roll (DFR), Hydraulic Front Face Adjust (FFA)
  • Standard Elevator~Clean grain elevator + cross auger in STD material
  • In-cab Elec Folding Covers ABR~Graintank with in-cab controlled covers, standard crossaugers and abrasive bubble up auger - 410bu
  • Unload Folding 8.3M ABR~Abrasive wear auger with folding end sectionUnloading length from center of machine - 28 ft 9 inFor 34 ft unloading length, also select 412166Field installed extension
  • Unload Tube Extension 1.7M~5 ft 7 in (1.7m) abrasive wear extension Field installed.
  • Spout Unload~Angled unloading spout
  • Fan Bottom Shield~Cleaning fan protection shielding
  • Small Grain~Concave small grain, STD material (FF)
  • Remote Adjustable Vanes ABR~Remote adjustable vanes, Rotor covers + intake plates ABRmaterial, controls threshing and separation efficiency from in-cab.Infinite adjustment within Slow/Fast range
  • Strawchopper 6Row Opti-Spread~Strawchopper 6 rows of knives, PSD, Opti-Spread
  • Chaff Spreader -PSD/Opti~Chaffspreader for PSD and Opti-Spread
  • Remote Adjust Door w/Opti~Opti-Spread with remote chop/drop door
  • 1 Monitor~IntelliView IV color monitor with touch screen
  • NH372 Antenna HP/XP FI~NH 372 GNSS Receiver activated to Level 2for compatibility with OmniSTAR HP/G2/XP &CenterPoint RTX corrections
  • Autoguidance Nav II Controller~REQUIRED for IntelliSteer™ auto-guidance
  • Engine Air Compressor~7 cfm @ 1,000 RPM/14 cfm @ 2,000 RPM with 16 gallon pressuretank. 4 outlet points located around the combineand a 33 ft. air hose and wand.
  • Engine Blow-Off Kit~Engine Blow-Off : oscillating blow off tubes to keep theengine clean from dust accumulations, advised in very dryand/or dusty conditions (FF).Requires 722525 Engine air compressor.
  • Hose and Air Gun~33' air hose and wand (required with Air Compressor)
  • Folding Trailer Hitch~Header trailer hitch, rotating coupler, foldable drawbar (FI)
  • LED Light Package - 3x LED beacon, 13x cab LED worklights,2x stubble LED lights, 1x unload tube LED light, 1x graintankLED light, 4x rear work LED lights, 4x undershield LED lights,1x engine service LED light, 1x halogen sieve light
  • Far Distance Light~Set of 2 LED lights under cab roof - 1,600 ft (500m) reach (FI)
  • Awning Plate Kit~Concave de-awning kit. For use in hard threshing cereals.
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Product Information
Price:927,582.30 CADType:2018
Status:NewSTOCK NUMBER:M23554
Year:2018LOCATION:Lloydminster, SK
Make:New HollandSERIAL NUMBER:612007010