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2016 New Holland T7.190 Tractor

  • Hour Meter: 7 HOURS
  • Mechanical cab suspension
  • COMFORT PACK 1~Comfort Seat Cloth covered cushions and armrest Low frequency suspension Cloth passenger seat Standard steering wheel
  • NH CLIMATE PACK 1~Manual A/C control Standard front and rear glasses
  • High Visibility Window
  • Mech Telescopic Mirrors
  • No High Level Road L~Less high level road lights
  • 12 High Intensity LED Worklight Package
  • LH Drive Beacon
  • RH Window Bar Display Ready.~Display ready: Window bar pre-wired display readyDisplay not included
  • 200A Alternator
  • 120V engine block and transmission heater
  • Main and Aux with fuel tank guards
  • 18 X 6 40Kph Full-Powershift~18 x 6 40kph (25 mph) full-powershift
  • 2X90mm Cyl -Cat 2/3-Tele Links~2 x 90mm Cylinder - Category 2/3 Telescoping Link Ends Lift capacity is 12,787 lbs.
  • 4 Mech Bosch Rear Remotes~3 mechanical remote valves - configurable detents
  • Bar Axle 98 in.~98 inch bar axle
  • 520/85R38 (20.8) R1W M,F,TR,CO
  • Class 4 Axle
  • 420/85(16.9)R28-MI,FI,TR,CO,AL~16.9R28 R1W
  • 480MM Dyn Fr Fenders~Front fenders 480 mm wide (18.9 inch)
  • Complete Loader Ready (3 slice mid-mount valve)Includes 3 slice electronic mid-mount valve, horizontal and vertical two piece system (TPS) mounting brackets,grill guard, hydraulic plumbing, coupler and joystick.
  • Bluetooth Radio
  • Standard Heavy Duty Brake disc
  • 6 x 143 lbs (65 Kg) rear wheel weights Total added weight is 858 lbs. (390 kg.)
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Product Information
Price:225,310.95 CADType:2016
Status:NewSTOCK NUMBER:M21398
Year:2016LOCATION:Saskatoon, SK
Make:New HollandSERIAL NUMBER:ZGEN05438