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2017 New Holland T8.350 Tractor

  • Hour Meter: 14 HOURS
  • Deluxe Performance Cab.~Standard Equipment/ Cab Suspension | Cloth Semi-ActiveOperator Seat| Radio Delphi AM/FM/Weatherband with CDand Bluetooth and XM Radio | RH Wiper | Multi-Power strip| Front, RH, and Rear Sunshades
  • Manual adj. ext rearview~Manual adjustable external rear view mirrors
  • 360 LED Lighting w/Front HID~Front HID lightsCab roof front and rear 1400 lumen LED lightsBeltline 2500 lumen LED lightsCab roof side lights 2500 lumen LED lightsRear fender 3000 lumen LED lights
  • Single beacon light~Beacon Light, one light mounted on LH side of cab
  • Nav II w372 RecHP/XP/GLNS/WAAS~Factory guidance complete with HP/XP accuracy
  • Engine block htr, transmn htr~120V
  • No Compression brake~Base Equipment
  • Std less auxiliary fuel filter
  • 40 kph ECON CVT~Standard on T8.435. Optional on all other models
  • True ground speed sensor~Radar required for CVT
  • Back-up alarm
  • Standard Drawbar~Standard on T8.320, T8.350, T8.380
  • Frt 3PH wPTO 21sp CW 1000~Front hitch with PTO CW rotation 21 spline 1 3/8"
  • Hitch Ready - Less 3PT Hitch~Includes armrest control, valve stack with hitch valve and harness**Not compatible with trailer hitch*** Optional on all models
  • Hydraulic pump, high capacity~59 GPM (224 lpm) maximum @ remotes
  • Six Remotes w/Joystick~Includes three paddles and a joystick (#1-3 w/paddles and #4-6 on the joystick or #1 and #2 on the multi-function handle)
  • Power Beyond-motor retrn valve~Power Beyond/Motor Return Valve (3/4") & Case drain (3/8")
  • PTO, 540 and 1000 RPM 1-3/8"~1000 RPM 1-3/4 in. interchangeable shafts 3 shafts
  • Rear axle 4 in. dia. x 120 in.~120" Axle - 4" (100 mm) diameter* Base Equipment on on T8.320, T8.350
  • Tire brand preference~Tire brands are subject to availabilityIf the Tire Brand Preference code is ordered, the plant will install thebrand selected.
  • 800/70R38 173A8/B R1W MI~MachXbib® Radial
  • No Rear duals~Cannot be ordered with No Rear Singles (XT4950X)REAR DUALS INCLUDE DUAL HUBS AND WIDE MARKER LIGHTSMatch Tires to Intended Application-refer to applicable tiremanufacture's handbook for load carrying capacities and additionalapplication information. Tire Brand Preference or NO Tire BrandPreference option MUST BE SELECTED FROM OTHER EQUIPMENT SECTION.
  • Class 5 Standard Axle~Heavy Duty MFD w/Diff.Lock-12 Bolt Hub* Base Equipment on T8.410, T8.435** Optional on T8.350, T8.380
  • 540/65R34 145D R1W MI~Multibib™ Radial
  • No Duals~Assumes singles are orderedCannot be ordered with No Front Singles (XT4940X)FRONT DUAL WHEELS INCLUDE 16 IN. SPACERMatch Tires to Intended Application-refer to applicabletire manufacturer's handbook for load carrying capacitiesand additional application information. Tire Brand Preferenceof No Tire Brand Preference option. MUST BE SELECTED FROMOTHER EQUIPMENT SECTION.
  • MFD wide front fenders~540 and wider tires
  • Wide 100.4 in./2550 mm~Includes Auto PTO function and fender-mounted hitch and PTO controls with hitch option
  • No Hydraulic Trailer Brakes
  • Standard Less Front Ballast~No weight frame. Only select with factory installed front hitch.
  • Rear wheel weights - 2000 lbs.~2000 lbs/909 kg - 2 X 1000 lb.
  • Std less rear wheel spacers
  • Standard HD brake discs
  • North American English
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Product Information
Price: 467,175.60 CAD Type: 2017
Year: 2017 LOCATION:
Make: New Holland SERIAL NUMBER: ZGRE05435