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2016 New Holland 865TL Loader

  • MSL SFTRD/3LH 726438~NON COREEuro Style Quick Attachwith 100 mm Bucket Rams / Soft Ride /3rd Live Hose /Multi Coupler 4 cap with 4 loader side hoses andMulti Coupler 2 cap with 2 loader side hoses726438046
  • CCM LWB VERT W GG~865TL forT7.230, T7.245, T7.260, T7.270 LWB Tier 4BVertical TPS Upright with grill guard to completefactory installed Horizontal SideframesStandard & SuperSteer Axle713749006
  • 3FCN HOSE KIT 713737~3 Function Hose Kit with Multi CouplerIncludes:Multi-coupler 4 base and 4 hoses to tractor mounted loader valveMulti-coupler 2 base and 2 hoses to tractor mounted loader valveT7.XXX LWB Tier 4BREQUIRES Tubes to connect mid-mount valves to frontimplement tubes - quick attach portsFor ordering information reference: Parts DivisionSupplied Accessories for T7 Series (LWB Models)section of the T7 LWB Price and Data pages.
  • Back Screen for Round Bale~COREEuro Style - Back Screen for Heavy Duty Grapples(Round Bale King)717509006
  • 102" HD Euro Bkt/Grapple/Tines~COREEuro Style - 102" Heavy Duty Round Bale KingBucket with Grapple & Floor Tines (8), 5 Grapple Claws1.11 yd struck capacity, 1.35 yd heaped capacity717496006
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Product Information
Price: 19,000.00 CAD Type: 2016
Status: New STOCK NUMBER: M21587
Year: 2016 LOCATION: Saskatoon, SK
Make: New Holland SERIAL NUMBER: YFWLT0136