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2014 New Holland 840CD Header Combine

  • Cam w/plastic tines 6 bat~One piece reel with plastic tines,25ft, 30ft and 35ft heads
  • Hyd Pkg w/slow speed transport less cutterbar suspension
  • Gauge wheels and mounting kit~35ft, 40ft, 45ft heads only, one gauge wheel per side.Used when harvesting with the head off the ground.Not required for soybeans or other crops in flex mode.
  • Slow Speed Transport~Integral slow speed header transport system.Hydraulically controlled in-cab. Includestransport wheels, dolly wheels and tongue.Not for 25ft headIf ordered with 425016 you will have one set of guage wheels totransfer between the head and the transport.If ordered with 425013 you will have two sets of guage wheels onefor the head and one for the transport.
  • 3" Course cut standard guard~3 in. Course cut knife with standard guard
  • English,~English for North America
  • No auger flight extension
  • Third stripper bars~Wide Feeder Kit. Required for use onCR8.90 / CR9.90CR9.90 Elevation / CR10.90 ElevationCX Combines
  • No Reel tine flap kit
  • Upper cross auger package~Feed assist cross auger. For use in largebushy crops to assist feeding.
  • 3 in. spare knife - coarse~coarse cut knife
  • No Auger slow down kit
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Product Information
Price: 55,000.00 CAD Type: 2014
Year: 2014 LOCATION:
Make: New Holland SERIAL NUMBER: YEH042218