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2019 BR600 Gas Backpack Blower

The BR 600 professional backpack blower is one of the cleanest-running in its category, thanks to a fuel-efficient, low-noise STIHL 4-MIX™ engine delivering increased durability and longer life. It offers an impressive power-to-weight ratio with many enhancements including a new nozzle with extended wear area to prolong equipment life, and a specially designed nylon harness for high wear resistance. This is the most powerful backpack blower for the landscaping professional.
  • Engine Power: 2.8 kW
  • Blowing Force (Newtons): 32
  • Average Air Velocity (m/sec, mph): 89/199
  • Air Volume at Nozzle (cfm): 677
  • Weight: 9.8 kg
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    Product Information
    Price:669.95Type:Backpack Blower
    Status:NewSTOCK NUMBER:
    Year:2019LOCATION:Lloydminster, SK