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Intelliview IV

The IntelliView™ IV display is an intuitive, color touchscreen display that can be factory-integrated with numerous models of New Holland equipment. It has a large 10.4-inch touchscreen display that not only controls key equipment functions, but also precision applications such as auto guidance, as-applied mapping, and is ISOBUS compatible for implement control. Single display for controlling machine functions and controlling precision applications. Customize run screens to operator’s preference. The Dual Display ability allows users to run two IntelliView IV displays together to visualize multiple windows at once. The fully integrated IntelliView™ IV display provides a common interface across New Holland high-horsepower tractors, combines, sprayers, forage harvesters and windrowers.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Steering w/ IntelliSteer and IntelliTurn
  • Integrated Row Guidance System
  • Assisted Steering w/ IntelliSteer Lite
  • Headland Turn Sequencing II
  • PLM ISOBUS: Universal Terminial (UT) and Task Controller
  • IntelliRate Control
  • IntelliSpray™
  • Combine Solutions: IntelliSense
  • Combine Solutions: Yield & Moisture Mapping & Logging
  • Combine Solutions: IntelliCruise I/II
  • Forage Harvester Solutions: Yield Mapping
  • Forage Harvester Solutions: IntelliFill System
  • Baler Solutions: IntelliCruise
  • Baler Solutions: IntelliBale
  • PLM Connect Professional
  • PLM Connect: Data Transfer
  • IntelliView IV A/B Guidance Line Sharing
  • PLM Mapping Software
  • PLM Viewer Software
  • EnoControl System
  • Row Tracing System
  • New Holland Machine Control
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