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Used Equipment Sale | Crop Production 2020

Used Equipment SALE | Crop Production 2020

vISIT US IN HALL D AND SAVE on a large selection of used equipment

Join Moody’s Equipment at Prairieland Park for the 2020 Western Canadian Crop Production Show; and our used equipment sale. Come see the 2019 New Holland CR10.90 combine, speak with our experienced parts, sales, and product support staff; and take advantage of show specials on select products. We’re located in Hall D, booth number 3.

This year Moody’s Equipment will be running a used equipment sale on a large selection of inventory for the duration of the show (until Thursday, January 16, 2020). We have significantly reduced prices on air drills, combines, headers, tractors, sprayers, and windrowers to get producers ready for the 2020 season. Our finance staff will be on location to get you approved! Scroll down to view all eligible equipment.

Contact your nearest Moody’s Equipment location for further details.

Air drills and tanks

New Holland P2060 Air Drill, M21836A

2011 New Holland P2060



1 HOUR, 70′ 10″ Spacing Air Drill, Single Shoot TBT, 550lbs trips, 4.5″ rubber packers, 3.5″ paired row, Single Run Blockage

Stock #M21836A

2013 Flexi-Coil 5000, M23923C

2013 Flexi-coil 5000



52′ 12″ Spacing Air Drill, Stealth 4″ Paired Row Openers, 4350 TBT Tank

Stock #M23923C

M21944C, Sold

2011 Morris C1



47′ 12″ Spacing Air Drill, Double Shoot, 4.5″ Round Packers, Side Band Openers, 370bu Tow Behind Tank, Single Fan, 3 Tank Metering

Stock #M21944C

2013 Bourgault 3320QDA, M23980D

2013 Bourgault 3320 QDA



60′ 12″ Spacing Precision Drill, QDA, Double Shoot

Stock #M23980D

2015 Bourgault 3320 QDA, M24558A

2015 Bourgault 3320 QDA



76′ 10″ Spacing Precision Drill QDA, High Float Tires, 7700 TBH Cart

Stock #M24558A

2016 SeedMaster 7012CT, M23072A




70′ 12″ Spacing Narrow M Fold, 345 bu On Board Tank, 780 NOVA Tank

Stock #M23072A


2013 Case IH 9230 Combine, M22150A

2013 Case ih 9230



Luxury Cab, Chopper MagnaCut Deluxe, 15′ Pickup Header

Stock #M22150A

2006 John Deere 9760STS Combine - M21731C

2006 John deere 9760sts



Small Grain Combine, 800/70R38 Singles, 615P Pickup Header

Stock #M21731C

John Deere S690 Combine, M22223A

2013 John deere s690



615 Pickup Header, 26′ Unloading Auger, Greenstar 3 2630

Stock #M22223A

2007 New Holland CR9070, M20879B

2007 New Holland CR9070



76C 16′ Swathmaster, 20.8R42 Duals, Straw Chopper Deluxe

Stock #M20879B

2013 New Holland CR8090 Combine - M21856B

2013 New Holland CR8090



15′ 790CP Pickup Header, 372 Receiver HP/XP, Deluxe Straw Chopper

Stock #M21856B

2015 New Holland CR9.90, M24298A

2015 New hOLLAND cr9.90



15′ 790CP Pickup Header, Factory Autosteer, Optispread

Stock #M24298A

Combine headers

John Deere Combine Header, M22223B

2011 jOHN DEERE 640D



40′ Rigid Draper Header, Double Knife, Headsight AHHC

Stock #M22223B

John Deere Combine Header, M23552D

2011 JOHN DEERE 630d



30′ Rigid Draper Combine Header, Hyd Fore/Aft, Factory Transport, Single Knife, HEADSIGHT AHHC, Cash Price Shown

Stock #M23552D

2011 John Deere 635D, M23934B

2011 John Deere 635D



35′ Combine Draper Header, Double Knife, Hyd Fore/Aft/Tilt, 6 Bat Pickup Reel (Plastic), Transport

Stock #M23934B

2011 John Deere 635D, M23937B (2)

2011 John Deere 635D



35′ Combine Draper Header, Double Knife, Hyd Fore/Aft/Tilt, 6 Bat Pickup Reel (Plastic), Transport

Stock #M23937B

2011 MacDon FD70, M23126A

2011 MACDON FD70



45′ Flex Draper, JD Adapter, Transport

Stock #M23126A

2016 MacDon FD75 Header, M23935A

2016 mACDON FD75



40′ Flex Draper, Double Knife, Slow Speed Transport, Upper Cross Auger, JD S Series CA25 Adapter, AHHC, End Finger kit, Euro Seal kit

Stock #M23935A

All Combine Headers


2016 Case IH 3240 Sprayer, M24063A

2016 Case IH 3240



90′ Boom, 800 Gallon SS Tank, AccuBoom Section Control, AccuGuide NavII Controller, AFS Pro 700 Display, AFS 372 Receiver, AutoBoom Height Control, 380/90R46 Tires, 520/85R38 Float tires (second set), Crop Dividers, AIM Command, 5 Way Nozzle Bodies, CASH PRICE

Stock #M24063A

1994 Melroe 3630 Sprayer, M23945C

1994 MELROE 3630



300 US Gal Tank, Tow Hitch, 60ft Booms, Joystick, Extra lights, Raven controller, Single nozzle body, No AutoSteer, CASH PRICE

Stock #M23945C

2013 New Holland SP275R Sprayer - M21351A

2013 New Holland SP275R



Deluxe Cab, 380 90R46 Tires, 1200G Poly Tank, Electric Flush and Rinse Control, 120/70 5 Section Boom, End Nozzles, In Line 100M Filters, Boom Wet Line Drain, Boom Blow Out System, Aux Lighting, Raven Radar, Dual Tires, Capstan Rate System, Crop Dividers, Factory AutoSteer, 60/1200 Powertrain warranty expires May 1 2019

Stock #M21351A

2014 New Holland SP365F, M21605A

2014 New Holland SP365F



10 Section Control Kit, 120′ Boom, 1600 Gal Tank, Auxiliary Lighting, Electric Flush and Rinse Cntrl, Fence Line Spray Kit, Fenders Poly, Luxury Cab, UltraGlide Boom Leveler, Pin Point System, 710/70R42 Float Tires, 380/90R50 Tires, Full Factory AutoSteer, CASH PRICE

Stock #M21605A

2015 New Holland SP400F Sprayer, M23185A

2015 new holland sp400f



120/20″ Boom, 1600 Gal SS Tank, Auxiliary Lighting, Electric Flush and Rinse Cntrl, Mirrors Electric, Fence Row Nozzles, Front Boom, Luxury Cab, Pin Point Spray Control, 710/70R38 Float Tires, Tridekon Air Lift Crop Dividers, 380/90R46 Tires, Full Factory AutoSteer with 372 Antenna, Touchdown Wheels, 5 Sensor UltraGlide Boom Height Control, CASH PRICE

Stock #M23185A

2014 New Holland SP333F Sprayer, M24329A

2014 new holland sp333f



120′ Boom, 1400 Gal Tank, 380/90R46 And 650/75R38 Tires, AccuBoom Controller, Add’l Sensors for Ultraglide, Auxiliary Lighting, Electric Flush and Rinse Cntrl, Mirrors Electric, Fence Line Spray Kit, Intelliview IV Cntrllr, AutoGu, Node w/Accuboom, UltraGlide Boom Leveler, Deluxe Cab, Boom Tilt Accumulator, Boom Blow Out System, In Line 100m Screens, 3″ Quick Fill, Raven Radar Speed Sensor, Sharpshooter

Stock #M24329A


John Deere 9410R, M20764A

2013 John Deere 9410R



PTO 1000, Trans 18F/6R PowerShift, GreenStar 3 2630 Display, Lights Premium HID, 710/70R42 Duals, 4 Remotes, Tow Cable, Factory AutoSteer

Stock #M20764A

2011 Case IH 435 Steiger, M23834A

2011 Case IH 435 Steiger



Hyd High Output 55 GPM, AFS 252 Receiver, Luxury Cab, 710 R42 Dual Tires (75%), Front and Rear Weights, Powershift Transmission, Factory AutoSteer

Stock #M23834A

2011 Case IH ST485 Tractor, M23833A (2)

2011 case ih 485 steiger



PTO 1000, 5 Hyd Outlets, Hyd High Output 55 GPM, AFS 252 Receiver, AFS AccuGuide Nav II, Drawbar High Capacity, Diff Lock-Front & Rear, Mirrors Electric, Ground Speed Sensor, Heavy Duty Version, Cab Luxury, 800 Dual Tires

Stock #M23833A

2014 Case IH Puma 160 - M21967A

2014 case ih puma 160



1903 Hours, Front Wheel Assist, Rear Wheel Weights, 540/1000 PTO, CVT Transmission

Stock #M21967A


2006 AGCO Hesston 9240, M22118A

2006 Agco hesston 9240



30′ Draper Header, Single Knife, Double Swath, 110hp Diesel Engine, Pickup Reel (Plastic), 14Lx16.1 Rear Tires, 18.4R26 Front Tires

Stock #M22118A

2008 John Deere 4895, M24037D

2008 John deere 4895



36′ Single Swath, Double Knife, 480/85R26 Drive Tires, 14Lx16.1 Rear Tires, Pickup Reel, Roto Shears, Mounted Roller Winch Type, JD Autosteer Ready

Stock #M24037D

2013 John Deere W150, M23948B

2013 John deere W150



35′ Draper Header, 600-65R28 Drive Wheels, 16.5-16.1 Rear Tires, 35′ 435D Center Delivery Header, Double Knife Drive, Double Canvas Drive, Single Span Pick Up Reel, Hyd Fore/Aft/Tilt, Manual Deck Shift, Transport, Mounted Swath Roller (Manual lift), Inner/Outer Skid Shoes

Stock #M23948B

2008 Massey Ferguson 9430, M20933A

2008 Massey Ferguson 9430



30′ Double Swath, UII Pick Up Reel, Single Knife Drive, Gauge Wheels, Outer Skid Shoes, Header Tilt, 18.4R26 Front Tires, 14L-16.1SL Rear Tires, Cash Price Shown

Stock #M20933A

Massey Ferguson 9430, M21820A

2009 Massey Ferguson 9430



18.4R26 Front Tire, 14Lx16.1 Rear Tires, 30′ Single Knife, Single Swath, Header Tilt, Gauge Wheels, Pickup Reel, Cash Price Shown

Stock #M21820A