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Bourgault Customer Service Center

Bourgault Customer Service Center

Customer Service is a primary focus to ensure the best seeding experience for our customers. A number of initiatives have been implemented this winter to further improve customer education, one of them being a dedicated section on Bourgault’s website, the Customer Service Center.

The Bourgault Customer Service Center is a library of information covering the operation, installation, and updates of Bourgault seeding systems. First time Bourgault owners, seasoned operators, and even trained service technicians will find valuable information to help prepare for the critical seeding operation.

The main focus is education, setup, and support of the various Bourgault air seeder monitors with a focus on the Topcon X35 seeder controller. Topics for the X35 have been arranged into four main sections:

  • Section A – First Time Setup | Contains an extensive list of X35 feature & option setups organized in a sequence that accommodates a typical first time setup.
  • Section B – Functional Test | The functional test is a critical step for verifying the X35 controller setup and is ready for operation.
  • Section C – Basic Seeding | New owners not familiar with the X35 can follow these videos for practical tips on how to get started.
  • Section D – X35 Operation | This section includes a wide range of operational presentations and explanations which relate to the X35 and Bourgault seeding system.

These sections contain operator manual sections, graphical step-by-step quick reference guides, and YouTube videos on each of the topics listed. In addition, there are links to download manuals, minimum fan speed charts, customer bulletins, and Bourgault EzParts. You can also find software downloads for the X35, X30, X20, and 591/491 air seeder monitor systems.

Access the Customer Center

The Customer Service Center is accessible from the Bourgault website ( by clicking on the customer service logo.

Bourgault Video

Bourgault maintains a video library on YouTube containing a wealth of information on Bourgault products. All of the videos linked in the Customer Service Center reside on their channel.