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  • 40 Ft. (12.2 m) Double Knife Drive FlexDraper® Header
  • CA25 Adapter Installed and Fully Assembled for NH CR/CX~New Holland 70 mm feeder lift cylinders required on all CR/CX models to lift 30' and larger headers. NH kit #84060212. Required to insert a CA25 Combine Adapter into a D65 Draper Header configured for SP Windrowing Application. FD75 draper headers have improved sealing of feed pan and front transition area. B5612 European Seed Loss Kit provides additional sealing around the sides of the feed deck and feed auger, recommended for extremely de
  • Driveline for 2016 and Older Combines~6 Tooth Spline Driveline.
  • Stabilizer Wheels / Slow Speed Transport Package~For slow speed towing behind a Combine or Pick-up Only - do not exceed 20 MPH (32 km/h). Transport must not exceed 20 mph (3 km/h) when being towed behind a pick-up truck. C1997 Slow Speed Transport Package is for FD75 only.
  • 40' to 45' Upper Cross Auger
  • End Finger Kit for Pickup Reel for Lodged Crop~Includes 3/side. Not required for canola and cereal grain conditions. They are specifically designed for heavy green forage and rice conditions. Excessive wrapping or end panel damage may occur if they contact the deflector.
  • Short Brace Kit for Center Reel Arm~Required to move reel into rear canola position.
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2018 MacDon FD75 Header Combine
Equipment Information
$144,371.21 CAD
MacDon (MB)
Header Combine (CH)
Kindersley, SK (3064632335)
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