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  • Basic Equipment
  • SC Endless Fast Pick~PTO - 1,000 RPM w/ Cut-Out-ClutchWHEELS AND TIRES - 21.5L x 16.1 10PRPICK-UP WHEEL - 15 x 6.00-6 CasteringBALE RAMP - Bale Ramp - FFBALE RAMP SENSOR - No Bale Ramp SensorPICK-UP - 2.07M PickupPICKUP LIFT - Manual Hyd Pickup Lift - FFBELTS - Endless BeltCONTROL GROUP - Deluxe WrapTENSION - In-Cab Density SystemWIND GUARD - 2.07M Roller WindguardTAILGATE LIFT SYSTEM - Standard TailgateWRAPPER CHOICE - Net
  • Deluxe Wrap~Can Control Twine Only, Net Only or Net & TwineBale Command II Plus Monitor
  • Endless Belt
  • Net and Twine (Deluxe or ISO)~Available for Hay SPU 1.5M SuperSweerp,Hay WPU 2.07M ActiveSweep and Specialty Crop ONLY
  • 1,000 RPM w/ Cut-Out-Clutch~Cut-Out-Clutch Driveline ProtectionAvailable for Bale-Slice and Specialty Crop
  • 21.5L x 16.1 10PR
  • In-Cab Density System~Density pressure will be controlled by and displayed on the balermonitor. ONLY COMPATIBLE with Deluxe or ISOBUS WrapControl. STANDARD on all Roll-Belt 450 SuperFeed, 450 CropCutterand all models of Roll-Belt 460. OPTIONAL on Hay 1.8M, Silage1.8M and Bale-Slice 1.8M.NOTE: This selection removes the mechanical densitypressure gauge from the exterior of the baler
  • Bale Ramp - FF~Factory Fitted
  • 15 x 6.00-6 Castering~Option for Hay WPU 2.07M ActiveSweep,Bale-Slice and Specialty Crop ONLY
  • Manual Hyd Pickup Lift - FF~Hydraulic raise/lower of pickup. Factory Fitted
  • English for NAR~Lit Kit - English
  • 2.07M Roller Windguard
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2018 New Holland RB560 Baler/Round
Equipment Information
$85,433.40 CAD
New Holland (NH)
Baler/Round (RB)
Saskatoon, SK (3069344686)
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