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  • Hour Meter: 12 HOURS
  • Luxury_cab~Grammer leather operator seat, self-adjusting air suspension,automatic height adjustment,heated and ventilated with power lumbar:Leather instructional seatLeather wrapped steering wheel12 volt cooler located under instructional seatRear cameraAuto on/off headlights.Integrated self-charging flash light and 110 volt power outletX-Grip holder for smart phone
  • Electric Mirrors~Electric adjust mirrors replace manual standard mirrors
  • PREMIUM LIGHTING~6 - High Output LED stadium lights2 - High Output LED spot lights in boom center section2 - High Output LED boom spot lights2 - High Output LED spot lights on the mirror brackets2 - LED boom rest lightsTotal lumens 63,000Ingress/egress lighting, fill station light, engine compartment light
  • No Selection~Note: Standard RFM100 GPM flow meter included in base machine
  • 380/90 R50 GY LI 170~380/90, R50, ULTRASPRAY LUG, LI 170 GY
  • No Belly Pans
  • No Crop Shield
  • 1200 Gal Stainless Steel Tank~1200 GALLON STAINLESS STEEL TANK
  • 120 20IN 10 SEC, INTELLISPRAY~IntelliSpray 120/70’ 10 Section boom, 20” centers (73 solenoids)Includes set of single TeeJet nozzle bodies w/solenoids, plus a setof single stacked TeeJet nozzle bodies for conventional spraying
  • No Choice
  • Filter 100-10 Section Mono~IN-LINE BOOM FILTER 100 MESH 10 SECTION BOOM - MONO BOOM
  • INTAKE FLOW METER~Raven fill monitorCommunicates with the IntelliView™ and Raven Viper 4+®Mounted at filling station
  • AUTO RINSE~Single touch triple rinse for the product tank, boom and eductorAdditional 7" display with step by step instructions for 7 fillstation functions
  • No Foam marker
  • No Dual foam drops
  • Fence Spray Mono~Includes: 2 - 150 PSI valves with hoses, fittings, nozzles,XR8004 tips and switches with harnessRight/left switches in cab
  • No Accumulator
  • UG ISO Mono Boom~UltraGlide® Boom height kit for use with IntelliView™ IV &Viper 4+® field computers3 Ultrasonic sensors, includes center, left and right height controlMounting Kit for Mono Boom
  • Add Sensors Ug Mono~Additional Pair of Sensors for Mono Booms equippedwith UltraGlide® boom leveler
  • Wheel Kit Mono~Touchdown wheel kit for Mono Booms
  • Electric Fill Valve
  • No Strainer~Standard equipment 50 Mesh Strainer
  • Std 3" Quick Fill
  • Reversable Fan Kit~Used to purge intake screen from debris.Fixed pitched fan that operates in reverseon an operator set timer.
  • VIPER 4 PLUS WITH GD~Raven Viper 4+® 12.1 inch color touch-screen displayNext generation Raven RS 1 receiver & guidanceRaven AutoSteer completing kitAccuBoom ISOBUS section control
  • NOZZLE UNLOCK~For individual nozzle controlRaven Viper 4+ must be selectedAn IntelliSpray boom must be selected
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2018 New Holland SP310F Sprayer
Equipment Information
$656,745.30 CAD
New Holland (NH)
Sprayer (SP)
Saskatoon, SK (3069344686)
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