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  • Hour Meter: 5 HOURS
  • Self Propelled Power Unit less Header
  • PRAIRIE SPECIAL - Cold Weather PackageC- Deluxe Cab Upgrade - 600/65R28 154 - AutoGuidance Ready - Prairie Special Kit - Draper Ready - Single/16.5L w/Damper - Header Quick Latch - Drape- Fixed Deflector Shields - 16.5L x 16.1
  • Suspended Cab and Axle - 90-135 in.~High Clearnace Rear Axle 135 inch
  • 600/65R28 154 R1W
  • Single/16.5L w/Damper~High-Clearance, 3°single arm caster assemblies and heavy-duty rotational dampers with 16.5L x 16.1 tires
  • Deluxe LED Front Light Package~Upgrade provides two (2) forward-facing halogen road transportlights and four (4) high-intensity LED field lights.
  • Deluxe LED Rear Light Package~Upgrade provides two (2) forward-facing LED stubble lights and two (2) rear-facing LED stubble lights.
  • Draper Ready~Includes single and double swath delivery capabilities, tandem EDC header drive pumps, lift arm position sensors, fixed position crop deflectors and header quick latch system.
  • Header Quick Latch - Draper~Lever operated quick release system for header attachment locks.
  • Fixed Deflector Shields
  • Cold Weather Package~Includes grid heater and two 650 CCA batteries
  • High Road Speed w/Power Dn~Three-speed hydrostatic drive, WITH header lift arm power down.TOP SPEED APPROXIMATELY 24 MPH
  • Deluxe Cab Upgrade includes front and rear sunscreens, automatic temperature controls, additional integrated sound suppression materials, four speakers, and Bluetooth/Satellite/CD/USB Radio with auxiliary input jack.
  • Deluxe Mirrors~Electrically adjustable mirrors from headliner mounted switch.
  • Large Color Touch Screen Disp.~Factory installed and tested IntelliView™IV 10-inch color touch-screen display with factory integrated vehicle controls and auto-guidance software.
  • Leather Seats~Leather-covered and heated operator's seat with air suspension.Leather-covered foldable instructor's seat.
  • Gear Pump and Control Valve~DRAPER READY UNITS ONLY! REQUIRED when Hydraulic Reel Drive Kit #716961046 is installed on HS series headers.
  • 1100 lbs. - Ballast Kit
  • AutoGuidance Ready~INCLUDED IN BASE: 1-All Cab and Chassis wiring, including wiring connection to IntelliView™IV touch screen display 2-Electrohydraulic auto-guidance steering valve 3-Mounting provisions for Navigation Controller & GPS 372 Receiver
  • GPS 372 Receiver - OMNISTAR~Factory Installed Narrow / Wide Band NH372 Receiver OmniSTAR Accuracy Unlock
  • NAV Controller~Factory Installed Auto Guidance Navigation III Controller
  • Sickle Header Adaptor Kit~REQUIRED FOR HS SICKLE HEAD OPERATION Includes header drive motor and hoses with poppet style quickcouplers.
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2015 New Holland SR200 Windrower
Equipment Information
$212,398.20 CAD
New Holland (NH)
Windrower (WR)
North Battleford, SK (3064462223)
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