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  • Hour Meter: 1146 HOURS
  • Plus package and pricing includes: high roof, telescopic mirrors,CCLS hydraulic pump and Enhanced instrumentation with ISO socket NOTE: Standard tires/wheel price is in the base tractor price, add or subtract the price of the optional tires/wheels to the standard tire/wheel price.Requires one selection for each of the following: front axle and work lamps
  • 150 AMP_Alternator~150AMP ALTERNATOR
  • Grid_Heater + 110V Pack~Grid heater and cold weather packIncludes engine block heater and transmission heater
  • Main+Aux Tank W/Guard~Standard fuel tank plus auxiliary tank - 58.6 gal (222 L)Incompatible with 34" rear wheels
  • 40KPH_16X16_w/Autoshift~16x16 Electro Command™ semi-powershift with AutoShift feature
  • Class 4 Hydraulic Lock~With TerraLock traction management system with multi-platedifferentialIncompatible with 34" rear wheels
  • HD Bar Steel Multi-Diff~Heavy duty 98" bar axle for steel wheels
  • 420/85(16.9)R28 R1W MI-FI~Brands: Michelin, FirestoneRequires 20.8R38 R1W or 18.4R42 R1W
  • 520/85 (20.8) R38 R1W MI, TR~Matching front tire is 8255404
  • 4 Elect Hyd. Rear Remote Valve~Requires advanced processor 758498
  • Loader Ready + 3 EH MMV + Joy~Complete Includes 3 slice electronic mid-mountvalve (EMMV), horizontal and vertical two piece system (TPS)mounting brackets, grill guard, hydraulic plumbing, tractor half of the hydraulic multi-coupler and joystick. Includes predisposition for Complete Loader Ready (758622)Does not include front end loader frame, buckets or loader attachments. Order a front end loader from the 805TLSeries Front End Loader Price &
  • Fender EDC/PTO/Rem Valv Contrl~Rear Fender Mounted (Right/Left) 3-PT, PTO & 3rd Rear Remote Control Switches.Requires:- 743686 or 743733 (3 or 4 EH Rear Remotes)- 330345 (Advanced Processor)
  • 6X65KG Rear Wheel Weight~Includes 6 143 lbs. weights totalling 860 lbs.
  • Lefthand Rear Cab Storage Box~Incompatible with Autoguidance
  • 12 LED High Power Hi-Roof~12 total LED cab mounted work lights: 8 high roof mounted; 4 front, 4 rear 4 mid-cab mounted; 2 front, 2 rearTotal work light package emits 23,400 lumens
  • Rotary Beacon Lefthand Side~1 Rotary Beacon mounted on left side of cab
  • Deluxe Radio with Bluetooth & High Performance Speakers
  • Bracket for Equipment Monitor~Monitor mounting bracket
  • Front Fender 420mm Dynamic~Dynamic front fenders 16.5 inches wide (420 mm)
  • Advanced ProcessorRequired for Suspended front axle, electro-hydraulic rear remotesand front hitch with PTO
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2017 New Holland T6.180 Tractor
Equipment Information
$209,908.80 CAD
New Holland (NH)
Tractor (TR)
Saskatoon, SK (3069344686)
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