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  • Hour Meter: 102 HOURS
  • LEFT AND RIGH758661~Left and right doors
  • NH CLIMATE PACK 3~Automatic climate controlStandard front and rear glassesRear sunshade
  • COMFORT PACK 1~Comfort SeatCloth covered cushions and armrestLow frequency suspensionCloth passenger seatStandard steering wheel
  • WITH HIGH VISIBILITY~High Visibility Window
  • MEC TEL Shatterpr RR~Mech Telescopic Mirrors
  • 12 LED CAB WORKLIGHT~12 High Intensity LED Worklight Package
  • Rotary Beacon - Left Side only
  • RH Window Bar Display Ready
  • ISOBUS Class III~ISOBUS 11783 rear breakaway socket (Class 3)IntelliCruise T7 Auto Command / BigBaler Automation
  • Auto-Guidance Ready~Auto guidance readyIncludes steering sensor, electronic steering valve,steering manifold, hoses, wiring harness,receiver mounting bracket, cabling, & hardware.
  • 6.7L engine w/ Visctronic fan~T4B ENGINE 6.7LT W/VISCTRONIC COOL.FAN
  • 200-Amp Alternator.
  • 120V engine block and transmission heater
  • Main and Aux with Guards
  • 40kph ECO CVT~25 mph CVT transmissionRequires radar
  • Independent Swing HD Drawbarindependent swinging drawbar Offset type - with clevis
  • 2X90mm Cyl -Cat 2/3-Tele Links~2 x 90mm Cylinder - Category 2/3Telescoping Link EndsLift capacity is 12,787 lbs.
  • 150 L/MIN Pump~39.5 gpm (150 liter) hydraulic pump
  • Four Electronic Rear Remotes
  • Less Rear Power Beyond and~Less rear power beyond
  • 540/1000 Interchanging Shafts~540/1000 interchangeable shafts21 spline (1/3/8") fitted6 spline (1 3/8") supplied
  • Bar Axle 112 in
  • 480/80R46 Duals
  • Standard Class 4 Axle~Heavy-duty MFD axle
  • 380/80R46
  • Rear fender mounted 3 point hitch controls Rear fender mounted PTO controls Rear fender mounted rear remote number 3 controls
  • 620MM Dyn Fr Fenders~ (24.4 inches)
  • Loader Ready + 3 EH MMV + Joy~Complete Loader Ready (3 slice mid-mount valve)Includes 3 slice electronic mid-mount valve, horizontal and vertical two piece system (TPS) mounting brackets,grill guard, hydraulic plumbing, coupler and joystick.
  • Standard New Holland Blue
  • Bluetooth Radio
  • Dual heavy duty brake discs
  • 1180KG (4 x 250KG)+~4 x 550 lbs. (250 kg.) rear wheel weights + 2 x 198 lbs. (90 kg.) rearwheel weights.Mounted on outside of rear wheels.Total weight is 2596 lbs. (1180 kg.)
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2017 New Holland T7.270 Tractor
Equipment Information
$360,817.70 CAD
New Holland (NH)
Tractor (TR)
Saskatoon, SK (3069344686)
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