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  • 35 Ft. (10.6 m) Single Knife Drive Draper Header~Rigid frame, Pointed Profile / Double Heat Treated forged steel guards, Coarse Serration sections - 9 teeth per inch, Pick-up design reel type - flip over action, single width reel span - 2 reel lift arms, 5 bats, Poly Material reel finger - single finger - 6 inch spacing - Heavy Duty material, Hydraulic Reel Fore-Aft adjustment (cylinders), manual deck shift - Side Draper Deck position can be adjusted manually, 2 outboard skid shoes.
  • Stabilizer Wheels / Slow Speed Transport Package~For 30', 35', 40' only. For slow speed towing behind a Pick-up ONLY - do not exceed 25 MPH (40 km/h). May be towed behind an M-Series SP Windrowers when using a B5238 weight box and B5280 Wiring Harness and Hitch Pin. Transport must not exceed 25 MPH (40 km/h) when being towed behind a Pick-up Truck.
  • Hydraulic Deck Shift Package~For 25' - 40' Sizes only.
  • Cutter Bar Poly 35'
  • *Inboard Skid Shoes with Poly
  • End Swath Deflector Rods - LH
  • End Swath Deflector Rods - RH
  • End Finger Kit for Pickup Reel
  • Inboard Skid Shoes with Poly
  • Base Equipment
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2014 MacDon D65 Windrower Draper Header
Equipment Information
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MacDon (MB)
Windrower Draper Header (WRDH)
Saskatoon, SK (3069344686)
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