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  • EURO MSL 726392~COREEuro Style Quick AttachMulti Coupler 4 cap with 4 loader side hoses726392046
  • Diverter Valve Kit. 3rd function diverter valve - Solenoid valve controlled by joystick mounted button which diverts oil flow from the bucket circuit tofront mounted implements.
  • Euro Style - Pallet Forks 47" fork, 55" wide 5,500 lb capacity
  • Euro Style - 83" Heavy Duty Round Bale KingBucket with Grapple & Floor Tines (6), 4 Grapple Claws 0.90 yd struck capacity, 1.07 yd heaped capacity
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2016 New Holland 845TL Loader
Equipment Information
$27,107.25 CAD
New Holland (NH)
Loader (LO)
Lloydminster, SK (3068259896)
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