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  • BASE UNIT 725695
  • Schumacher cutterbar~EasyCut system with spring steel guards, ProCut, bolt-on,plated knife sections and Rollerguide kniveback guide system.
  • UII Single plastic 6 bat~UII single piece reel with 6 bats and plastic fingers.
  • Castering gauge wheels~Fully castoring with 3-8 inches of shock travel. One personadjustment. Requires tires, wheels, hubs, spindles option tobe functional. Wheels are the color yellow.
  • Tires/Wheels/Hubs Spindles~Required w/castoring gauge wheel option, and/or 2-wheel- or4-wheel transport option. Only order this option one time whenordering both catoring gauge wheels and 2/4 wheel transport.Wheels are the color yellow.
  • 2 Wheel Hdr transport less TW~Includes two-piece tongue for LH end of header and fold-up axlefor RH end of header. Requires tires, wheels, hubs, spindles to befunctional. No on-header storage if castoring gauge wheels arenot ordered.
  • Poly skid for Schumacher~Provides full width skids for on-ground operation for Schumachercutterbar.
  • Adjustable END/MDL Skid Shoes~One adjustable shoe for each end of the header, plus 2 additionaladjustable shoes for middle struts. This will equip the outer endsand middle struts on 25' headers, and the outer ends and 2 ofthe 4 middle struts on 30', 36' & 40' headers.
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2015 New Holland DS436HB Windrower Draper Header
Equipment Information
$89,640.00 CAD
New Holland (NH)
Windrower Draper Header (WRDH)
Perdue, SK (3062374272)
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