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Kawasaki Introduces New Loader

wasaki Introduces New 92Z7 Wheel Loader 6.3 cu.yd. Machine features intelligent solutions

KCMA Corporation, the marketer for Kawasaki wheel loaders in North America, is proud to announce the all new 92Z7 wheel loader. This outstanding machine is completely redesigned to meet all EPA Tier 4i emission standards as well as to improve operating efficiency and productivity. At 286 net horsepower and equipped with a 6.3 cubic yard General Purpose bucket, this production class loader is a pace setter in the industry.

The most apparent change to the 92Z7 is the overall appearance. Striking new styling sets this machine apart from the crowd. These styling changes are functional as well as aesthetic. The hood design improves rear visibility and serviceability.

The powertrain for the 92Z7 provides power and durability. The reliable and fuel efficient Hino (Toyota) E13C-VV diesel engine meets all Tier 4i emission standards with the use of Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation and Diesel Particulate Filter or Exhaust Filter systems. This 13 liter engine is the largest in the class, providing excellent reserve capacity. The big planetary automatic-shift transmission has automotive-style smooth shifting from pulse width modulation in the control valve. Plus the 92Z7 has standard Traction Control and Torque Proportioning Differentials to reduce wheel spin and extend tire life. The totally redesigned hydraulic system uses reliable, high performance Kawasaki variable displacement piston pumps that improve fuel efficiency. The standard Auto-Idle shutdown also reduces fuel consumption and improves DPF performance.

The operator cab is roomy and provides excellent visibility, controllability and comfort to optimize productivity. Operators will notice the creature comforts such as the totally adjustable side console, suspension seat and optional joystick steering. With full length glass side doors, low profile dash and standard reversible camera they will have excellent visibility.

Like all Kawasaki Z7 series loaders, the 92Z7 has many new features to allow the machine to be operated at peak efficiency in a wide range of applications. Many intelligent features use inputs from the machine to adjust performance to match the conditions. Other features allow the operator to make adjustments to fit his requirements for production or comfort.

Diagnostic systems have been improved to allow for more detailed data access to troubleshoot issues quickly and accurately. Serviceability is improved with easy access to the engine, cooling system cores, and filters. Oil change intervals have been increased for the engine and hydraulic systems to reduce overall operating costs. The Automatic Reversible Cooling fan efficiency is improved with aerodynamic designs to improve air flow and cooling efficiency.

Not only did the Kawasaki 92Z7 introduce many new features, but it retained several of the heavy duty structural features that it has become famous for. Things like the S-Shaped Z-Linkage Boom arm improve dump reach and clearance, giving it the highest Bucket Hinge Pin Height in its class. The Box Section Frames, Base Mounted Boom Cylinders and Heavy Duty Center Pin designs make the 92Z7 the strongest machine in its class. This machine is ideal loadout machine for quarries, or sand and gravel operations, or handling any tough jobs a wheel loader is required to do. This loader is the perfect 3-pass loader for most 24 ton highway trucks. An ideal match for material producers loading out 25, 30 trucks per hour! Kawasaki is the oldest ongoing manufacturer of rubber-tired, articulated, wheel loaders in the world, serving North America since 1962 through its extensive, independent dealer network. For information on the 92Z7 wheel loader and all other Z7 Kawasaki wheel loaders