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  • Hour Meter: 11 HOURS
  • PN 14-17.5 Galaxy Front Tires
  • PN 16.9-28 EZ Rider Galaxy
  • HED Dipperstick (4.72 M)~Digging depth of 18.9 ft (226.4 in) (5750 mm). Requires Heavy Front Counterweight option 742292.
  • 7 Spool Valve - Pilot~For use with HED Dipperstick. No Charge.
  • Bucket with Cutting Edge~1.3 cu. yd. (1 cu. m.) - heaped capacity.
  • 2 Spool Loader Valve~For use with Pilot Models. No Charge.
  • Stabilizer Control with Auto-Up
  • Cab Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Tilt Steering Wheel
  • Dual Batteries~Second battery to assist with cold weather starting.
  • Front Work Lights~4 work lights come with this selection. No Charge.
  • Rear Work Lights~4 work lights come with this selection. No Charge.
  • Glide Ride (4WD)
  • Rear Hammer Circuit~With piping to end of boom, with flow control.
  • Heavy Front Counterweight
  • Reversible Stabilizer Pads
  • Base Unit Pilot Control 96hp Mechanical Front Drive Power Shuttle Cab
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2015 New Holland B95B Backhoe
Equipment Information
$168,202.04 CAD
New Holland (NH)
Backhoe (BH)
North Battleford, SK (3064462223)
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