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  • No Image Available
  • Hour Meter: 17 HOURS
  • UV Base Unit
  • PROTECTION PACKSKID PLATE - Underbody Skid Plate Belly PanROCK GUARDS - Rear Differential Rock GuardBOOT GUARD - Boot Guard Stl BlkBRUSH GUARD - Brush GuardFRONT SKID PLATE, STEEL - Steel Skid Plate w/ 4X4 logo
  • Standard Color~(standard)
  • 25X11-12 MUD Aluminum Alloy- 4~25X11-12 MUD ALUM ALLOY 4
  • No Rear Wheels
  • No Front Wheels
  • No CA Carb
  • No Engine Performance
  • Bench Seat, Gray
  • 48x49.8x10.9 Standard Capacity~(standard)
  • No Stake Side Kit
  • Boot Guard Stl Blk~Factory Installed.
  • No Rear Reflector
  • No ANSI Kit
  • No Engine Braking
  • Standard Lights/Horn~Includes tail lights/brake lights and horn.Requires headlight. Do not order horn.• If a unit is ordered with factory installed power steering and a DIA light kit is installed, a hydraulic brake kit CLCSVP313201 must be ordered from Parts to complete the installation and allow for proper function of the brake lights.• If a unit is ordered with either factory installed light kit and a DIA power steering kit is installed, the brake swit
  • Brush Guard~(in lieu of tube bumper)
  • Underbody Skid Plate Belly Pan
  • Rear Differential Rock Guard
  • Black Plastic Canopy- 2 Seat~Required if ordering a 3 sided vinyl enclosure (717817).
  • Fold Down Windshield~Window material is Polycarbonate thermoplastic
  • Steel Skid Plate w/ 4X4 logo~Can not be ordered with the heavy duty font reciever
  • Warn Winch kit 2500lbs
  • No SMV Emblem
  • No Fog Lights
  • No 5 Panel Interior Mirror
  • No Spark Arrester
  • No Storage Bin
  • No Reverse Back-up alarm
  • No High Output Alternator
  • No Engine Tune-Up Kit
  • Manual bed lift
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2013 New Holland 125 ATV
Equipment Information
$15,914.56 CAD
New Holland (NH)
Saskatoon, SK (3069344686)
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