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During each of your four years, the New Holland Tech Apprentice works approximately nine to ten months at a sponsoring dealership and receives eight weeks of apprenticeship technical training and two weeks of New Holland product specific training at Olds College. Upon successful completion of the program, apprentices will qualify for the following certification: Agricultural Equipment Technician Journeyman Inter-Provincial Agricultural Equipment Technician Certification Case New Holland/Olds College CNH Tech Completion Award



Non Specific New Holland training can be done at any other recognized institution such as SIAST. Moody’s Equipment and the technician will enter into an agreement whereby Moody’s Equipment will: Purchase a New Holland tool box (Part # SN3000NA or SN3000NC) for the Technician to use during his apprenticeship period. Ownership of the box remains with Moody’s Equipment until the tech becomes a journeyman at which time ownership is passed to the Technician. Moody’s Equipment will also pay up to $1,000 per calendar year toward the cost of tuition and books at an approved college on behalf of the Technician. Any Bursaries or scholarships earned by the Technician are to be used before the funds supplied by Moody’s Equipment. Moody’s Equipment will submit an application to the CWEDA for a matching $1,000 scholarship. This funding is subject to approval by the CWEDA Scholarship Board.